Why Jack


Because life is too short, and your project is too important to take chances.

Why not work with someone you enjoy who you can rely on?  For close to 30 years I’ve fine-tuned my craft, creating lifestyle and action imagery for the leader in the travel and resort industry; Vail Resorts. 

Through this experience I have established a process and level of perfection in executing each project. It’s not unheard of for our team to scout a location four times ensuring access, lighting conditions and weather influences are thought through. Being fully aligned with the client’s vision is so important.

No project too big, or too small.

From a one-on-one with an athlete or celebrity to productions involving a cast of 30 with hair and make up, digital and lighting techs, it’s what we do.

Putting passion, dedication and hard work into each project we’re presented with is in our DNA.

At the end of each job I actually look forward to the client review.

Usually written with multiple exclamation points !!!

“Jack’s a super nice guy who enjoys being with people and makes each project a fun and exciting adventure.”

“The most fun I’ve had on a photo shoot. The work far exceeded our expectations. We’ll rehire Jack in a heartbeat.”